Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tunisian Entrelac

I think I have the crochet fever now.  I have multiple projects going on at the same time.  I spend time on each project just about everyday.  I decided I'd start posting my projects here with some writing about them and add to the writings as I get further along with my projects.  I'm not a big writer but I have this friend who I no longer hear from or get to talk to that showed me that writing is a great tool for unloading things that are inside or just for discussing things one does in their daily lives.  I still struggle at times with writing but I think I'm going to really make it a mission in my life to write about things more often.  Who knows, maybe I can get them put into little scrap books and then they can be given to my kids for fun reads or for keep sakes.  I think it means something to be able to leave something for our offspring that they can read and cherish not to mention pass down to their offspring if they want to. 

So here it goes.  This is my first go at what is called the Tunisian Entrelac on the Round.  When I first saw this pattern I really wanted to try it but I just didn't have the proper tools or didn't think I did anyway.  So I ordered a Tunisian hook and what I got was a very skinny one in a 4mm hook. I'm fine with the hook size but the slenderness of the hook is slightly cumbersome to work with. I have one in USA but it's in storage and I'm not sure if and when that will get sent to me along with all the yarn and stuff I left behind.  I hope sooner than later that is for sure.

So anyway thanks to an online You tube tutorial hosted by Bethintx1

I am on the road to learning how to make my first afghan using this stitch pattern.  It's not as difficult as I thought it would be.  I am sure though it will take me a long while to make it depending on the size I decide to make it.  Either way it will be a time consuming but it will be relaxing and fun. I can work on this while watching TV or a movie or take it out with me to sit in the sun enjoying the warmth once spring finally comes to the country of Greenland.  I have to say it has been Siberian cold over the past two weeks here in South Greenland.  It was warmer in January!  February became extraordinarily cold.  I guess the fastest way to break me into the weather patterns here is to start out with the harshest possible weather first. Hehe.  I have enjoyed all the snow though. I'm just truly amazed at how soft and fluffy the snow is not to mention when it's covering brightly painted houses its just gorgeous to look at. I have been taking a lot of photo's now since moving here in August 2011 and I think that I have found a place to feel what it means to be at peace.  Everyday life here is so sheltered from the outside world.

                                                   Qaqortoq, Greenland 02/2012

Back to the subject at hand now that I have managed to get myself sidetracked on another subject while writing about the current one at hand.  I found the stitch pattern to be easy enough. When I can find some simple written directions on making the Tunisian Entrelac stitch I will add it later here. :)  So here is a photo of my first go with this pattern stitch.  I like how the colors are blending well with each other as well.

                                                Tunisian Entrelac Crochet

More writing on this subject coming soon.....

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