Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My “Faith” in my beliefs, Friendship, family & Other People

I've been sitting here for several hours pondering things because of the usual stresses that come along relating to people and the the things they do or do not do for you or to you. “You” is currently generic in nature when writing about what I'm about to write about in this blog.

I've been in Greenland for a tiny bit over a year now and I have to say that peoples way of life here varies and is so different than how people are in my own country. (USA)
Over the half my life has tested my faith in people and at some point my faith I guess died or ended up on the back burner because I grew tired of always being treated like crap. I came from a rough upbringing that no child should ever have to experience and then I turned right around and married a man who was just like the upbringing I had been in only at the time I didn't realize it or I didn't see it or was to stupid to understand all the bad behaviors were going to lead me into a twenty one year marriage of mostly misery.

I kept thinking and hoping and believing that one day that would all change and things would be good for both me and the beautiful children that came from this first marriage but alas that never materialized. I am only writing about this part to lay groundwork to hopefully shed some light on some of the next things I will write about in this not so great blog.

I think I'm a fairly easy person to get along with and I'd do about anything for anybody especially my kids and my friends. And of course now my new husband whom I love and adore. This blog has nothing to do with him or my children. It's about other people in general. Anyway lets trudge on with this blog and the writing of it. Over the years I grew up with the understanding that nobody ever did anything for anyone else without expecting some return from it which meant right then and there. So anytime I was invited anywhere it was expected that I help with fuel or food or whatever. Of course when I did the inviting of those same people to go do things with me, well I never asked anything because I feel much differently about this whole idea.

See I believe that when I want somebody to come and do something for me I shouldn't expect them to help pay for it when I did the inviting or whatever. Of course I didn't always invite on outings that required a lot of money due to my limited resources but when it came to cooking dinner or whatever, they never had to bring a thing unless they really insisted. It's just that I think that it never hurts anyone to do things for their fellow being or family or friends. It makes us better people when we do things for others. I believe that God rewards those that do good things for others too. Maybe these beliefs are outdated in this day and age. I just don't know.

Out of all the friends I have encountered along with family members (not my children or new husband) in the United States there is only one person who has never asked for anything in return when she did the inviting or did things for you or wanted to come and do something nice for you. I have gained a lifelong friendship with “M” and she would be a perfect description of what a good friend is meant to be like. Always there when you need her, does things because she wants to, not because she wants something in return or even expects it. Even when you offer its most of the time no, no need or something like that. She is truly a blessing to all of those who are lucky enough to be around her or even friends with her. I sure do miss her too being separated by the big pond.
I have no problems with helping out when going places and such but I am beginning to think that most (not all) expect something when they do something for you these days though. I just don't understand why it's that way either.

Then I come to this beautiful country “Greenland” and get to enjoy the most amazing landscapes and scenery and get to learn about the local ethnic customs and eat new foods and well just enjoy what it means to be a Greenlandic. There has been several things I have learned about the people here. Most of them always smile and don't seem to have a care in the world or much stress in their lives. Most of them love their country as well and love what nature puts in front of them too. Most of them would do things for their fellow man, family and friends without asking for anything in return or even expecting it. I am having to learn that I don't have to do things for those that do things for me here or bring things. It's not expected. What they do expect I guess is for you to enjoy yourself and have a good time.
I have made friends with a wonderful person and her family and they have made me feel so welcome and a a part of them too. I get to go sailing with them often and they always share with me new things, new places and seem to give of themselves without reservation or expectation of anything being given in return other then to have a good time with them. I have grown quite fond of them in fact.

So I'm at a loss here in a way. How is it that people in two different worlds can be so different when it comes to just being human beings. Has my country grown so crazy, and so busy that they have forgotten what it means to enjoy what is around them? Have they forgotten how good it is to give to one another and not expect somebody to pay them back in some way? It seems like so many now are stressed in their everyday lives. Now a days it's all about politics, money, fuel, and whatever else that might be a huge discussion or interference in ones life.
My husband has been a wonderful influence in my life these days too. He's always smiling and laughing and teasing and well affectionate and loyal too. He never lets things weigh him down for more than a few minutes and then he moves on and brushes it all off. I hope one day I can manage to learn to do that too. It would be a wonderful thing to learn to let things roll off me instead of bothering me.
The only reason I even wrote this is because I get frustrated at times by how people treat one another. It seems like society has become greedy and no longer wants to do anything without some expectation of something in return. Well that is my vent for the month. LOL I'll be updating my blog with more fun stuff from the last two, no wait three sailing trips. I still have to finish writing about them all and post photographs as well. I hope you will take the time to read them and view pics as well. I have posted photo's on here so that one can at lest enjoy the pics despite the nature of this particular blog.

God grant me the serenity to change the things I can and the patience to ignore the ones I can't.
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