Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Windsor, California 10/28/201

Wild Flour Bread
Wood Fired Brick Oven Baked Bread Bakery & Garden located in Freestone, California near Sebastopol.
Today Carol and her husband Jerry took me on a road trip to go to see the Armstrong Redwoods in a State park named after it.  In this blog I'm going to talk about one of the places we stopped at on our way to there. Carol had told me that whenever they have house guest they'd make a special trip up to the "Wild Flour Bread Bakery & Garden just so her guest could experience the tasty natural breads that are made there.

So off on our road trip we went and when we pulled up it looked like a small shop or what some of us Southern folk would call a small "hole" in the wall.  Meaning that it's nothing of a large scale but people from miles around would come due to the tasty food served. In this case it is the tasty bread that people come from all around to have.
Wild Flour Bread uses a brick oven to bake sour dough breads, scones, and biscotti. Using a wood fire brick oven produces beautiful hard crust breads that people from miles around come to taste and enjoy. 
They tend to open with four breads only along with their sticky bun, cheese fougasse, goat flat bread and either the Bohemian (apricot, orange and pecan) or the Egyptian (pear, fig and candied ginger) and one or 2 out of 4 or 5 daily kinds of whipping cream scones which have become a daily sellout.
So the first thing you get to see when you first get ready to walk in is the amazing door way that greets you. Beautiful wood work is done at the entrance.  When you come inside the store, it's not real big but big enough that people can come in and order bread and even sit at a table or two to enjoy eating them there if they want to.
The people working behind the counter start their greeting by asking you which flavor of bread you would like to try out free before actually buying anything.  In fact I got to taste four different flavors too.  Each one tasted really good too. Although I have to say I liked the sticky buns over the Egyptian bread.  I liked the cheese fourgasse as well as the goat flat bread. I didn't get a chance to try any of the biscotti though.  Maybe next time.
When we left we had several bags with different flavors of bread in them. Some of them were going to the kids as well. I didn't know there was a garden in the back so I missed out on that part but hopefully I will get to visit again to see that as well and i will definitely make a point to go and see that as well.  We didn't spend a lot of time there due to the fact that we were on our way to see the Armstrong Redwoods. That alone had me very excited. I will show some photo's along with write a blog about that next.
When we were driving to the bread shop I noticed that there was miles and miles of grape vine vineyards.  Fall color everywhere as well. Lots of bright reds, and bright gold colors and colors in between.  The entire drive was very delightful because we went in an area where nature was on both sides and we couldn't see the main highway that ran parallel to it.  Jerry did this intentionally so that I could enjoy what I saw along with experiencing what surrounds the bigger cities.
A little more about the Bread bakery. 

About the making of the bread, it's made in the wood fired oven because it gives especially thick crust which contain the best flavors. All of the breads are sour doughs which doesn't mean they will have a sour taste but rather some breads including their sweet breads are risen only with organic sour dough (fermented flour and water).  This makes for the best tasting, healthiest and longest lasting bread.  They heat their oven every afternoon with 1 wheel barrow of eucalyptus so by 4 am the wood has turned to ash and after mopping the oven out they can start baking at 550 degrees, a much higher temperature than gas ovens. They never turn this oven off except for one time when the roof part of it needed replacing.  This is how they are able to maintain a reliable temperature to make such tasting bread.

The bakery also has a really nice garden out back that includes many flowers and small fruits.   Raspberries can be seen along with 12 foot sunflowers, and other assorted flowers and vegetables.