Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A perfect visit to "Color me Mine"

Today Kriston took me to a place in Hanford called "Color me Mine."  the shop is a paint it yourself ceramic studio. For one studio fee, it covers paints, glazing and firing.  The studio fee is good for the whole day and for as many pieces as one would like to paint.  Of course there is also the cost of the piece in question that will be painted. 

so Kriston picked a tall coffee cup and I ended up picking out a cookie jar.  I just couldn't resist it because of the style and how much space on it I could paint on. ;) 

I really enjoyed painting today especially with sharing it with my youngest daughter the joy of painting.  She had already discovered the shop due to somebody buying her a birthday studio gift from the shop.  

So it was quite nice sitting down and painting together.  I have to say it reminded me of how much it used to soothe me because it sure did soothe me today.  Very relaxing. :)

This is the website for this company:

The company can also be found on Facebook: