Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday – September 24, 2013
Day 21 of Fall Trip 2013 (Munkebo, Denmark)
Day 17 of Sailing trip – currently in Dry dock with the Qaqqatisiaq
Day 6 in Dry Dock at Lindo Shipyard – Monkebo, Denmark)
Tuesday we were invited to attend a tour of a company "Stok Emballage" that Royal Greenland uses to wrap the product they produce after it has been boxed or packaged so that it can be shipped without incident.
This is the old equipment that had been being used on the Qaqqatsiaq.  It is time for a replacement. 
  The tour guide gave us a little bit of a speech with video to go with it but of course it was all in Danish so I didn't get much out of it. After the speech he took us on a tour of the facility.  
This is the more updated equipment that probably will replace the old one. 
On a secondary note, I couldn't help but take photo's of some of the artwork on display around this business along with some very nice looking indoor plant life.  Here is a sample of one in fact. 
After that we all went to a local Go Cart facility "Odense Kart Hall" in Odense, Denmark to have some fun with Go Carts. The kart slogan is: "Give your boss the rear!"  LOL
This is the first time I have ever been in a Go Cart and I have to say I was a bit apprehensive because I did not know what to expect.
We got to race each other in four different heats in which we would change car numbers as well.
My husband Nikolaj getting ready to whoop some butt!  LOL
I noticed that it became quite competitive between some of them but it was all in great fun. We all had a good time.

Once it was all over, the top three was rewarded with medals.
I thought that was very cool and it sure did make the winners smile big time.

Afterward we drove to an Italian Pizzeria called Mamma's Pizzeria. (http://www.mammas.dk/Menukort.html)
What a nice restaurant too. There was twelve of us eating and they did not seem to have any trouble getting us into a table and the service was good along with the food.

Nikolaj had the following for his dinner:

1st course consisted of:
Scampi Fritti: Butter Fried prawns flambeed in cognac. Easy tomato sauce and garlic. Served w / baguette and butter 
2nd course consisted of:
Spaghetti agli Scampi:  Spaghetti with prawns, cherry tomatoes, parsley, white wine, olive oil, chilli and garlic.  
I had:

1st course consisted of:
Scampi Fritti: Butter Fried prawns flambĂ©ed in cognac. Easy tomato sauce and garlic. Served w / baguette and butter
2nd course consisted of:
Penne San Francisco: Best-selling pasta dish with large tender pieces of veal, chicken, roasted mushrooms, tomato / cream sauce and basil. 
A couple of the other crew members had the Carpaccio di Bresaola for their first course part of the meal followed by two different kinds of pizza's.

Course one:
Carpaccio di Bresaola: Thinly sliced ​​air-dried beef topside w / rocket salad and fresh Parmesan flakes. Serve with baguette and butter.  
After we finished eating, then Peder (company spokesman) took us to another place for a liter of beer for each person called Bryggeriet FlakiLaven.
I didn't have any beer. The beer the rest had was brewed from some type of berry as well.  It was quite a dark colored beer too.   The entire business had brightly painted walls, artwork strategically placed in the right places as well as the ability to view their brewing facility as well.

I don't really care to drink it so I had a vodka/orange juice mixed drink instead. This business brews its own beer and has the brewing equipment and ingredients right on premises.
I took a couple of photo's of some artwork that was also on display in this place of business as well. ;) 
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