Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Colors - Potential for Creativity

Colors - Potential for More Creativity

     I have finally finished my mandala by crocheting one.  The paintings below that I briefly wrote about gave me the inspiration along with the designer who created the star portion of this mandala.  

     I ended up changing the second part of the pattern because I had a strong desire to modify it and put my own interpretation into it. So here it is.  I hope that it will give someone some enjoyment as much as it did while I was creating it. I have to mention who is the designer of the star portion of the mandala due to it having been her creation and copyright laws that exist.  So as far as the pattern is concerned, the star part of this pattern came from her pattern called "Starflower Mandala" which you can find at the following web address. Starflower Mandala

The rest of the pattern is my own creation and I did not take the time to write it as I was creating it. The stitches came based on how I was feeling at that moment and there was times where I would rip parts out and try something different. There will be no written pattern for the rest of the mandala.  Sorry about that.  
Royal Greenland Offices

     The paintings below helped to give me some ideas with the colors. Of course not all of the colors in some of them were used in the mandala but some were.  I love colors so much. Makes life more enjoyable.

     When I was younger and my aunt introduced me to both crocheting and growing plants. The very first plant she introduced me to was a cutting from her Coleus plant. The plant has bright vivid colors and some of the other ones had deeper colors as well. 

     As I grew older I discovered more and more plants that displayed colors and before I knew it I had many plants. By the time I reached adulthood I had become knowledgeable about plants and started surrounding myself with plants of many textures and colors. Sometimes I wish I could display the colors in my mind onto some kind of canvas but of course it stays locked up inside my mind. 

    Since I have been living in Greenland for the past three years I have developed a strong desire to work with brighter colors when it comes to 
potential crochet projects.
     When I was younger I didn't give it much thought being I had surrounded myself with flowers and plants that had colors all to themselves and I so love what mother nature throws at us when it comes to plants and flowers.

     Being I live in Greenland now, there isn't so much relating to colorful fauna year around.  Most of the colors happen between June - September.

So having written that, I have taken to noticing more colors in things like artwork and well whatever else that might catch my eyes at the that given time.

     So while my husband had taken me on a short tour of his employer Royal Greenland I had a chance to take some photographs of some of the artwork on display in the offices.

I love how the artist used bright colors in the paintings.

    I will have to make sure my daughter Lynnette (the artist in our family) sees these paintings. I think she might enjoy them. I thought the paintings were also cute in light of the little text writings added to some of them about who is eating who. :)

I think the usage of colors makes the paintings even more fun to look at.
This is the center part of the mandala that is actually the Starflower Mandala pattern.  Thanks to Zooty for sharing her patterns too.