Friday, March 13, 2015

Sophie's Universe CAL 2015 Part 2

Sophie's Universe
CAL 2015
Part 2

1st SU

I found part two to be easy to follow and fun to work with.  I love how colors can be used to make the pattern take on a different look based on colors. 

I have to say that my 2nd SU's is definitely much better with how it should look based on the directions based on my interpretation of the directions. I'm pleased with how my 2nd SU has turned out so far.  Doing two sure does help with working out the kinks I ran into on the 1st one preventing me from making the same mistakes on the 2nd one. 

 Click on the link to access part 2 of Sophie's Universe. Sophie's Universe CAL 2015 Part 2

2nd SU

I will add a listing of the colors and yarn  manufacturer at a later time. :)

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