Monday, March 12, 2012

March 11, 2011

Today was just beautiful!  Very little wind. I noticed it a little bit and it almost made me turn back to go back home because I hate the wind more than anything because it makes it colder not to mention it seems to effect how I breathe for some reason.  BUT......... Something caught the corner of my eye and when I could get a better look, I could see an iceberg from a distant and that was enough motivation to continue on with the walk for me and Ichi. We walked about 2.5 hours total today and it sure was nice getting out for some nice walking and fresh air too and I know Ichi loved it too.
                                             My Florida dog Ichi who is now slowly becoming an Artic dog.  She just loves the snow I have noticed.  She loves going out as much as possible to walk and explore. I am looking forward to when Spring/Summer gets here so that we can take walks around the lake where I can turn her loose.  She will love that.

So here is some photo's of our walk from today.  They are at different angles and reference points while out on our walk today.  Some may look similar but they were taken from different parts of Qaqortoq harbor.
                                                   Qaqortoq, Greenland
 This was taken from one side of the harbor facing a small area of the village.  I just love how the snow sets off all the brightly colored houses and buildings.
                                       Qaqortoq Harbor.  One day I hope to have a nice digital camera so that I can enhance these sunshine shots more.  I just loving incorporating sun into photo's but sometimes the camera doesn't seem to know how to handle it I don't think.  This is across the harbor from another spot I found.
                                             Now is this a splendid iceberg or what?  It's a good sized one in fact and I was just tickled pink to get to see one this large in size.  I sure would love to be able to touch one in the future too.  They are awesome to be up so close and words just can't even express how magnificent they really are.
This is a close up shot of the same iceberg above.  I wish I could have got even closer physically but the snow and frozen areas near this area were entirely too treacherous.  So I opted to stay where I was which would keep me safe.  It'd been a different story though if the snow and ice were gone. I'd been down there a lot closer. :)
This one is a shot of a second iceberg I was able to get a halfway decent shot of.  It was across from the harbor and it's nice sized too.  I like how they have the darker blueish colors in them too.  My husband Nikolaj says that it is said that the bluer colors signify very pure water in them.  Makes me want to get a boat and go cut a piece off to test out that theory. :) Just beautiful what mother nature creates.  :P
Another shot of the same second iceberg at a slightly different angle and a little be closer as well.
The sun does the neatest things when it relates to still waters along with some of that water having a thin sheet of ice on it in spots too.  Creates lots of reflections.  Sure wish I had a nicer camera that I could use filters with for these kinds of shots. :) Either way I still like the photo and how it turned out.  Only thing I dislike is the red circles that sometimes makes an appearance on photo's like this.
                                                        Sunset over Lake Tasersuaq
                                                                   Qaqortoq harbor

Coming soon... Finish crochet scarf.

March 08, 2012

There was finally a temporary break in the weather.  Of course the sky looked like it was ready to drop loads of snow but I was able to get out and take myself and Ichi for a much needed walk after having been held captive for six days by the weather.  Five of which had it so we couldn't even get out the door due to the high gale forced winds that piled the snow all the way up to the roof in front of the entrance to the house.  Needless to say we couldn't get out and even if we could have, the wind itself would have kept us indoors. I think the wind has created a lot of issues relating to the snow over the past few days. I'm hoping that we won't have any like this again for awhile but I'm not holding my breath. :)

                                                    This was what my front entrance was looking like but of course by the next night that hole was completely covered and extended way out to the front of the house.

                                                This is just outside the Master bedroom window which is a few feet from the entrance.  The snow is up to the height of the roof of the entrance.

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